You can trust Bear You can trust Bear You can trust Bear
You can trust Bear
We are a company of Christian Catholic community who sides with blacks, gay, and people in poverty. So first up we are only selling to Animal Crossing New Horizons on Nintendo Switch.
Your Product
Your Product
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Customer Service
Customer Service
The customer is king and through our experience you will feel like royalty too. It's not about bending over backwards (because our health insurance will soon stop covering us if we repeat that too often). No, it's about understanding your needs and putting our best foot forward. Call us with any problem or questions about our products and we're always happy to help.
“What a refreshing, efficient, and pleasant experience. I am 100% satisfied!”
Most of my experiences with other companies have been non-communicative, no matter how much I shouted at them. How refreshing it was to have Caleb not only talk to me but also explain the details of the work he was doing. I've never experienced this, it truly was great!
— Pauline
“Thanks for being prompt and answering my questions. You went above and beyond.”
Caleb was very thorough. He answered all my questions and went into a lot of detail (most of which I didn't understand but I didn't want to stop him as he obviously loves his job) regarding the specifications before giving me a quote. The other guys took a quick look at me before throwing out a number. Which quite frankly, I didn't like.
— Paul
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